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luni, 12 februarie 2018

Concurs Confess de Colleen Hoover (Editura Epica)

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Salutare, dragilor! Am revenit cu un concurs în colaborare cu Epica Publishing House, la care puteți câștiga un exemplar din Confess de Colleen Hoover.

Pentru a participa, tot ce trebuie să faceți este să completați formularul de mai jos. Cu cât mai multe cerințe îndepliniți, cu atât mai multe șanse la extragere aveți. Niciuna dintre condiții nu este obligatorie, le puteți face pe care și câte doriți. Concursul se adresează doar locuitorilor României și se încheie în 4 martie. Voi verifica personal ca toate intrările câștigătorului ales prin random să fie îndeplinite. Aveți grijă să vă înregistrați cu adresă de email validă. Foarte des extrag câștigători care nu răspund la emailuri și își pierd premiul. Mult noroc!
Concurs Confess de Colleen Hoover

luni, 29 ianuarie 2018

Cititori Lunatici - Romane grafice - Recomandări | Ianuarie 2018

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Romanele grafice recomandate:
🌙 Maus de Art Spiegelman
🌙 Deadpool Killustrated
🌙 The Wicked + The Divine (engleză)
🌙 Revistele Harap Alb Continuă
🌙 Revistele Tinerețe fără bătrânețe
🌙 Blankets de Craig Thompson (engleză)
🌙 Colecția Manga Classics (engleză)
🌙 Persepolis de Marjane Satrapi
vol 1:
vol 2:
🌙 Nimona de Noelle Stevenson (engleză)
🌙 Edward. Jurnalul unui hamster 1990-1990
🌙 Minunata familie Marvel de Brian Selznick
🌙 Romane grafice Supererou S'cool

vineri, 5 ianuarie 2018


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Top 10 sau cele mai bune cărți pe care le-am citit în 2017 sunt aici, cu linkuri cu tot:
🌙 Povestea slujitoarei de Margaret Atwood (cumpără )
🌙 Challenger Deep de Neal Shusterman
recenzie video
🌙 Chemarea monstrului de Patrick Ness
🌙 Femeia inventată de Camille Laurens ( cumpără )
🌙 The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane de Lisa See (cumpără )
🌙 Trilogia Predestinare genetică de Ciprian Mitoceanu
* În sângele tatălui de Ciprian Mitoceanu ( cumpără )
* Insula diavolului de Ciprian Mitoceanu (cumpără )
* Faţă în faţă de Ciprian Mitoceanu (cumpără )
🌙 Crima din Orient Express de Agatha Christie
🌙 Cimitirul animalelor de Stephen King (stoc epuizat la editură momentan)
🌙 Talismanul de Diana Gabaldon
🌙 The Only Girl in the World de Maude Julien (engleză)

Canal în engleză

Pentru câștigătoarea concursului, trimite-mi un email pe cu numele si adresa de livrare complete.

vineri, 29 decembrie 2017

Wrap Up #27 | Ce cărţi am citit în noiembrie 2017

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--- Cărțile pe care le-am citit în noiembrie 2017 și despre care vă vorbesc sunt:
🌙 Chemarea monstrului de Patrick Ness
🌙 Pax de Sarah Pennypacker (engleză)
🌙 Crima din Orient Express de Agatha Christie
🌙 Manga Classics: The Stories of Edgar Allan Poe (engleză)
🌙 Zile și Nopți de Vară de Stephanie Perkins
🌙 The Old Man of the Moon de Sheng Fu (engleză)
🌙 The Only Girl in the World de Maude Julien (engleză)

----- Canal în limba engleză, Moonlight Reader:

joi, 28 decembrie 2017

Review: The Dam Keeper: World Without Darkness

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Hardcover, 160 pages
Expected publication: July 10th 2018 by First Second
Beyond the dam lies certain death—this is something every citizen of Sunrise Valley knows well. Yet, when a poisonous black tidal wave carries Pig, Fox, and Hippo over the dam and into the wastelands, they don’t find death. Instead they find bustling cities, each with their own dams. Pig can't help but wonder, who is the mysterious dam keeper behind it all?

But he doesn't have time to unravel this mystery. The wave of deadly black fog will return to Sunrise Valley in four days, and its dam can't withstand another assault. In a stolen truck and with a deranged lizard leading the way, Pig and his friends are in a race against the clock. but can they reach home in time?

The Dam Keeper: World Without Darkness is the second book in a graphic novel series for children, something I wish I had researched before requesting an e-book copy to review from NetGalley. I must admit, I was drawn into it by the amazing artwork on the cover - something which can be said about the graphics of the inside of the book as well.

However, that is the only aspect I enjoyed about it. Despite having not read the first volume, I managed to grasp the story from reviews. This book continues the adventures of Pig, Fox and Hippo after they got lost in the mysterious fog, who are trying to get back home. The story is fast-paced, with scenes running one after another with little to no explanations, and you are left to wonder what is happening now. I am not a fan of the characters' names, but must admit it made it easier to remember who is who, since everyone is named after their species.

I learned this was based on a short animated film, and this makes me wonder why I've even bothered to read this confusing graphic novel when the animation might've been a lot more easier to follow.

The story will definitely continue in a follow-up volume, as this book ends in a cliff-hanger. Not a fan of that either. I guess this could prove to be a lot more enjoyable for a child who needs to be constantly entertained and gets bored easily, since everything happens so fast and there are a lot happening at once.

I really hoped this would prove to be more original than it was - I was disappointed by the superficiality some themes were dealt with, such as sacrificing live beings, pollution, theft, disability (the blind creature).

Poți cumpăra primul volum de aici (al doilea apare în iulie 2018).

luni, 18 decembrie 2017

Concurs & Recenzie: Zile & nopți de vară de Stephanie Perkins

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Mulțumesc Editurii Epica pentru exemplar. Cartea Zile & nopți de vară de Stephanie Perkins se poate comanda de aici.

Reguli concurs
1. Subscribe/abonare la canalul de YouTube Vanilla Moon Books
2. Comentariu (la videoclip pe YouTube, nu pe blog) in care mentionezi faptul ca participi + spui care a fost cea mai amuzanta intamplare dintr-o vacanta de vara

Concursul se adreseaza doar persoanelor cu domiciliul in Romania. 
Se incheie in 2 ianuarie 2018. 
Castigatorul este ales prin tragere la sorti cu YouTube Random Comment Picker, iar premiul se expediaza prin Posta Romana. Castigatorul se anunta la inceputul unui videoclip de dupa finalizarea concursului si prin reply la comentariul de participare. Daca nu trimite email in timp util cu datele de expediere sau nu ridica premiul de la posta, isi pierde premiul. 
Minorii trebuie sa aiba acordul parintilor de a-mi da adresa in vederea trimiterii premiului in caz de castig.

luni, 11 decembrie 2017

Book Haul | 25 de cărți pentru toate vârstele și gusturile

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Giveaway & Promo: Beauty and Beastly by Melanie Karsak

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Beauty and Beastly: Steampunk Beauty and the Beast
Melanie Karsak
(Steampunk Fairy Tales)
Publication date: December 6th 2017
Genres: Adult, Fairy Tales, Steampunk
In this tale as old as time, Isabelle Hawking must tinker a solution to a heartbreaking mystery.
When Isabelle Hawking and her papa set out from London on a sea voyage, Isabelle is thrilled. Visiting foreign courts, learning from master tinkers, and studying mechanicals is her dream. And it doesn’t hurt that the trip also offers Isabelle an escape from her overbearing and unwanted suitor, Gerard LeBoeuf.
But Isabelle never arrives. Swept up in a tempest, her ship is lost.
Isabelle survives the storm only to be shipwrecked on a seemingly-deserted island. The magical place, dotted with standing stones, faerie mounds, and a crumbling castle, hints of an ancient past. Isabelle may be an unwilling guest, but her arrival marks a new beginning for the beastly residents of this forgotten land.
See how NY Times bestselling author Melanie Karsak puts a steampunk spin on the classic Beauty and the Beast fairy tale.
“Hello? Is anyone there?”
The sky overhead darkened, and in the distance, I heard the rumble of thunder.
Oh no. No, no, no.
I looked up at the sky. My head swam.
I needed to find shelter.
I turned to go back to the path, but when I did so, I didn’t see the path, nor the ring of mushrooms, nor anything else vaguely familiar.
Once more, the sky rumbled.
I felt the first of the raindrops on my head, but luckily, the thick leaves overhead sheltered me somewhat. As the storm rolled in, the forest grew dark.
I cast a glance around.
It didn’t matter which direction I went. Eventually I would find the shore once more.
Turning to head out, however, I spotted a bluish colored light in the distance. A house? A fire? A lantern? A…something.
No reply.
Turning, I followed the bluish glow. I headed deeper into the forest, chasing after the light, but soon found its source. It was a mushroom. The glowing mushroom had been sitting on a rise. It had played a trick on my mind. Then I spotted another glowing fungus, then another, and another, all of which held an incandescent blue light. They grew in a straight line. Without a better recourse, and feeling half suspicious of the supernatural, I followed the glow of the blue mushrooms as the rain pattered overhead, the sky rumbling. I followed the blue lights deep into the ancient woods, aware that I was passing other sacred rings. I walked past a mound of earth, a barrow, the final resting place of some ancient person—and some said a passageway to the Otherworld—as I hurried deeper into the woods. Surely I would find the shoreline soon.
Lightning cracked overhead.
Then, on the horizon, I saw golden light. A fire? I squinted my eyes, trying to make out the shape through the trees, but my head ached miserably. Leaning heavily against my staff, I moved toward the golden colored light.
The forest thinned. The glowing mushrooms led me onward toward the glow of the yellow light in the distance. Praying to find someone—anyone—I followed along, well aware that my quick exertion had my stomach rolling. Black spots wriggled before my eyes. The line of mushrooms ended. To my shock, I’d blundered to the center of the island and found myself standing outside the gates of a castle.
I gazed up at the enormous structure. It towered over me, a black silhouette on the horizon. Light glowed through one of the windows in the upper floors. It was raining in earnest now. Not waiting a moment longer, I pushed the gate. It swung open with a creak.
It was pouring.
I leaned my walking staff against a metal bench in the perfectly manicured garden, then grabbing my skirts, I ran for the castle door. As I rushed, lightning flashed. It created an odd illusion on the bushes and flowers around me. For a moment, they all seemed to glimmer like metal under the bright light.
My temples pounded. My stomach rolled. I raced through the heavy rain to the castle door.
Hoping whoever was at home would forgive me for letting myself in, I pushed open the castle door and crept inside.
The place was eerily silent.
“Hello?” I called. “Is anyone here?”
Breathing deeply and quickly, I realized the moment I stopped that I was not well.
I cast a glance toward a roaring fireplace nearby. A chair was seated before the hearth, a glass of something dark sitting beside the seat. I heard a strange clicking sound.
“Hello?” I called again, but this time, my head began to spin. I put my hands on my hips, trying to catch my breath. I closed my eyes. Everything was twirling.
Footsteps approached.
“I-I’m sorry I let myself in but…” I began then opened my eyes.
Standing before me was a massive automaton, its silver eyes staring coldly at me.
A nauseous feeling swept over me, and my head swam. Black spots danced before my eyes.
“Pardon me. I think I’m about to—”
But the word was lost.
And so was I.

Author Bio:
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Melanie Karsak is the author of The Airship Racing Chronicles, The Harvesting Series, The Burnt Earth Series, The Celtic Blood Series and Steampunk Fairy Tales. A steampunk connoisseur, zombie whisperer, and heir to the iron throne, the author currently lives in Florida with her husband and two children. She is an Instructor of English at Eastern Florida State College.


marți, 28 noiembrie 2017

Giveaway & Promo: Run Away With Me by Mila Gray

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Run Away With Me
Mila Gray
(Come Back to Me #3)
Published by: Simon Pulse
Publication date: November 28th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Emerson Lowe and popular ice-hockey player Jake McCallister have been best friends since third grade but just as their friendship starts to morph into something more, a terrible event occurs that heralds the end of innocence for both of them. Within a week, Jake’s living on the other side of the country and Emerson is left alone to pick up the pieces of her life in a small town determined to paint her as a liar.
Seven years on and Emerson is still living on the beautiful Pacific West island of Bainbridge, helping her family run their outdoor adventure company. The last thing she needs is Jake turning up, bringing with him old memories and opening up old wounds. But Jake—even better looking than Emerson remembered and on the cusp of a bright sporting future—seems determined to revive their friendship no matter how much Emerson tries to push him away and soon they’re in the midst of a passionate summer romance that neither of them wants to end.
But if they’re to have any kind of future, they’re first going to need to confront the past, a past that most people want to stay buried.

I hear a voice behind me.
‘Need some help with that?’
I spin around.
It takes a couple of seconds for my brain to confirm that it’s actually him. That it’s actually Jake McCallister standing in front of me and not a hallucination. My heart does this fierce smash and rebound against my ribs as though it’s been violently woken from hibernation. I draw in a breath so big it feels like my lungs might explode, as if all that air is filling a vacuum and I’ll never be able to let it out again.
I hate this feeling. Hate the way the adrenaline floods my blood stream and tears sting my eyes. Hate the way my body reacts in a thousand contradictory ways at the sight of him, as though someone has plugged me into a wrong socket and fried all my synapses.
I have an impulse to throw myself at him but I’m not sure if it’s because I want to hug him or beat the living crap out of him. I drop the kayak, my hands fisting automatically at my sides.
I watch the smile on his lips fade when he notices the set of my jaw. His expression had started off wary but now I see him swallow and press his lips together, something he always does when he’s nervous.
I take note of that and at the same time notice a dozen other tiny, insignificant, monumental details about this new old Jake. I see the faded white scar on his chin—the one I gave him and the new scar cutting across his eyebrow. Then there’s his height – we were always the same height but now he’s tall. . . much taller than me. His dark brown hair is the same, though – unruly, untamed, falling in his eyes. He’s looking at me with the same mix of uncertainty that he looked at me the very last time I saw him.
I glance away, down at the sand. My whole body is shaking and I can’t seem to get it under control.
‘Em?’ I hear him say.
My head flies up before I can stop it. No one calls me that any more. His voice is deeper, mellower. The inflection though when he says my name is still just the same… and instantly something inside me starts coming undone. Jake always used to say my name like it belonged to him, and only him.

Author Bio:
Mila Gray is the pen name for Sarah Alderson, author of Hunting Lila, Losing Lila, The Sound, Fated and Out of Control.
Originally from London she has lived in Bali for the last four years with her husband and daughter.
As well as writing young adult fiction under the name Sarah Alderson and adult fiction under the name Mila Gray, she also writes screenplays.

Giveaway & Promo: Nectar of the Gods by Mary Bernsen

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Nectar of the Gods
Mary Bernsen
(Beyond the Gods #1)
Published by: CTP Pulse
Publication date: November 28th 2017
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Mythology, Romance
Ambrosia has spent her life preparing for theday she would avenge her mother’s death. Working undercover as a prostitute, she draws in the man who took her mother’s life. Not realizing who Ambrosia is, the man admits to her that her mother is actually still alive—and he’s on a quest to finish what hestarted twenty-three years ago. Desperate to find the mother she’s never met, Ambrosiaconvinces him to let her help. It’s a partnership of necessity and founded in deception, but Ambrosia is faced with an uncomfortable truth: this man is not the monster she has always envisioned him to be. Worse yet, she finds herself drawn to him…craving his touch. How can she reconcile these intense feelings for the man who shattered her life?
The first novel in the exciting new Beyond the Gods series, Nectar of the Gods is a fantasy romance steeped in Greek Mythology and full of passion that will leave you breathless.

For the first time in ages, I woke up alone. One might think a woman who had spent months sharing her bed with countless strangers would be relieved at the change. I wastroubled to find that I was suffocated by the empty space next to me. I only let myself linger in the sheets for a moment before I needed to get away from the feeling of emptiness.
But the disheartening dark cloud chased me as I wrapped myself up in the sheets and paced the room. Catching a glimpse of myself in the full-length mirror hiding in the corner was sobering. My eyes were glassy and hazed. My spirit was missing from them and had been replaced by throbbing red lines left behind by my night of tearful realization.
My newfound weakness was disgusting and terrifying at once. I tried to think back, to find the point where I had first become so desperately lonely. There was a time when I’d been completely indifferent to any company. The love of a man was the last thing I’d wanted, and I had guarded myself fiercely against it. I had always preferred to be alone.
Well, I supposed that was not completely true. When I was a child, I’d longed for the company of others to play with. I dreamed of escaping the prison of lessons and studies. Instead of learning to sharpen swords, I wished with all of my heart for another person my age to play pirates with using pretend ones.
I mourned for the confident, complete woman I had lost so suddenly. When had I become this lost, dejected little girl all over again?
I pointed a critical stare at my reflection. From the day I’d met Perseus, I had seen the savage destruction love had left him with. It was the kind of pain a shield couldn’t protect against. Almost all the men who frequented the tavern wore the same shattered mask, and now, without a choice at all, I wore it, too.

Author Bio:
Mary Bernsen is a southwest Florida native currently living in North Port with her two beautiful children and a third, much larger child that she affectionately calls husband. She is the Amazon Best Selling Author of Healing The Bayou, The Ganga Shift, and Beyond the Gods series.
She also writes young adult romances under her pseudonym, M.E. Rhines.